‘We Kicked Down the Door': Neighbors Rescue Mom, Baby Girl From Burning Home in Ayer

“I ran into a burning house but I knew there was a baby in there,” neighbor Pam Indorato said. “That was my concern.” 

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A mom and her baby were rescued Saturday from a burning home in Ayer, Massachusetts, thanks to their neighbors.

The Ayer Fire Department responded to a call at 5:19 p.m. for a reported fire at 22 Bligh Street.

But it was two friends who saw their neighbor's home burning and dashed over to make a daring rescue.

“We were sitting on my back deck and my friend Brent happened to look over and he said that he thought the house was on fire,” said Pam Indorato.

Moments before the house would be engulfed, Indorato and her friend ran over.

“We kicked down the door and woke the mother up,” Indorato said.

A mother and her baby girl inside the burning home had been sleeping upstairs.

“She came down, I said ‘your house is on fire, get your baby’,” recalled Indorato.

They escaped out a back door, and tried to get the family dog out, too, but they couldn’t save him.

“I feel terrible,” said Indorato. “I tried to get the dog.”

The mother was taken to the hospital to be checked out for smoke inhalation, but she and her baby should be okay.

Indorato’s friend did not want to be identified but they both say it was incredibly scary, and they’re happy they played a pivotal role in making the rescue.

“I ran into a burning house but I knew there was a baby in there,” Indorato said. “That was my concern.” 

Firefighters say the home is considered a total loss. 

Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire, but they think it was just an accident, and not suspicious. 

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