Out-Of-Service Red Line Train Derails Outside of Kendall/MIT Station

The train wasn't carrying any passengers, and no one was harmed

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An out-of-service Red Line train approaching the Kendal/MIT station derailed earlier today when switching from the northbound to southbound tracks.

The derailment came from the first wheel on the train, which slowly caused the train to come off the tracks.

There were no passengers aboard the train when the derailment occurred, and there were no injuries from the incident.

According to the official MBTA's official Twitter account, an investigation is currently underway, and already-planned shuttle buses are being extended to include Park Street while the station re-rails the train and inspects it for safety.

However, the alterations made to the T stops has caused frustration for commuters who have begun to doubt the transportation system's reliability.

"We’ve watched five buses go by saying they are too full to pick anyone up. [I'm] just waiting to go home," said Ian Black, a commuter frustrated by the shuttle bus system.

"I know they are trying to extend the Green Line, and keep all of the other stuff going on. But I mean if we can’t be doing the stuff to keep [things] running fluidly. then it’s really not helping," continued Black.

The work being done this weekend by the MBTA is part of a five-year capital investment plan that the MBTA says aims to improve safety and reliability.

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