No Charges for Student Playing ‘Assassin' Watergun Game

Hopkinton police say the teenager was playing a game called "Senior Assassins"

Seniors at Hopkinton High School play a game called "Senior Assassin" and it landed some of them in hot water. An elderly woman trapped what she thought was a burglar in her garage only to find it was a teen with a water gun.

Hopkinton police say the teenager was playing a game called "Senior Assassins" in which members of the senior class try to soak an assigned target. After escaping from the garage, the teen was picked up by a car that witnesses saw speeding off. Police pulled over the vehicle, drawing their guns as they approached it. They found a large water gun in the car and quickly realized what had happened.

Police sent an email to parents calling the game "potentially dangerous" and saying Hopkinton High School and the police are against it

"I think it was a bit overblown by the police I mean they had five police cruisers. They had guns drawn," said Michael Karlis who's a senior at Hopkinton High School.

He and his friends said the mission of the game is to stalk classmates and soak them with a water gun when they least expect it.

Karlis thinks things got out of hand when his teammate and two other students were stopped by Hopkinton Police.

"This is like a steppingstone to adulthood," he said. "It's just kids playing a game."

It wasn't a game to law enforcement nor was it a game for a woman in her 70s who lives on Pond Street. A senior playing the game was hiding out in her garage waiting to attack his "target" with water. He thought he was going to ambush a friend but he had the wrong house.

"It could be very scary," said Mary Jo LaFreniere who lives in Hopkinton. "I don't mind in a wooded area you know, kind of behind trees and all that but they should not have gone on anybody's property."

The woman who was spooked to see the student inside her garage called police thinking he was an intruder with a real gun.

"It's more of a fun game to get our grade together," said senior Nathan Tuit.

The woman closed her garage door in an effort to trap Karlis' and Tuit's friend inside but he got out and jumped into a car with two of his friends. Shortly after taking off Hopkinton Police stopped the trio with their weapons in a drawn position.

"One cop had his gun off of his belt on his hip," said Tuit. "That's pretty scary."

The situation now has people in Hopkinton thinking the game needs a new set of rules or end all together but students don't agree.

"When it comes to situations like this like kids just be kids," said Karlis.

The students involved in the weekend's incident aren't facing any charges because the woman doesn't wish to peruse any. The Superintendent of schools said the game isn't sponsored by the school but school officials are looking at ways to avoid a similar situation.

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