Pothole Problems: Crews Working to Repair the Roads in Boston

Behind the wheel, it can be hard to spot them, but roads across the state are already riddled with them as drivers do their best to try and dodge them. It is officially pothole season on streets across Massachusetts and officials say they are popping up a little earlier than usual.

NBC10 Boston followed along as Boston Public Works crews raced to patch up potholes across the area. Some of them on Rutherford Avenue in Charlestown were deep enough to go fishing in.

Boston’s 311 website had more than 20 pages of pothole reports over the last two days. Many of the cases have since been closed as the holes have since been patched, but it is a never ending process to try and keep up.

Crews say the recent weather pattern is partly to blame for the pattern of potholes you may already see on your street. Fluctuating temperatures can be no match for the fractured pavement.

“When it goes from 50 degrees down to zero, water expands and it just breaks up the concrete,” driver William Harlow said. “I’m taking my car into today. I have hit too many of them.”

The uptick in reports has already led to an uptick in business at Center Automotive in Needham. They are busy stocking up with customers are already coming in with torn tires and damaged suspensions.

“Some of the potholes are 5 to 6 inches deep,” owner Jim O’Brien said. “When you hit them, that sudden impact not only can ruin a tire, but a $1000 wheel at the same time.”

Even if the potholes are small, the public is encouraged to report them to Boston’s 311 or MassDOT. Crews do their best to patch them within 24 hours of hearing about them.

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