President Donald Trump Slams Democratic Candidates, Massachusetts Prosecutors on Boston Herald Radio

President Donald Trump made a live call to Boston Herald Radio Wednesday to criticize some potential 2020 opponents and Massachusetts prosecutors fighting to keep immigration officers from arresting people at courthouses.

Trump called into the Adriana Cohen Show, first answering questions about Democrats' response to the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. During the interview, Trump slammed Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden, both running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

"I think that they are very devastated cause they looked at the report and there was absolutely no collusion, and there's no obstruction either, and they were hoping against hope, because that's the only way they could maybe get lucky," he said.

The president called the investigation an "embarrassment."

"This should never happen to another president. This should never happen to a country again. And when people look back in 50 years, in 100 years, I hope that they'll say, 'We're never going to do that. We're never going to do that.' No, what happened here is really disgraceful," Trump said. "It's an embarassment to our country. And a lot more is being learned and a lot more will be learned."

Cohen responded that "all of the collusion that took place was, you know, by Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and a bunch of Democrats and dirty cops at the FBI."

The host asked Trump his thoughts on Warren's calls for the resignation of Attorney General William Barr over his interpretation of the Mueller report.

"She defrauded the public for a long time, and you know, she should really be the one to resign, because she, hence the name 'Pocahontas,' I mean, she has, she has gone through colleges and gotten jobs and gotten in, and all because she supposedly had Indian blood, and then it turned out that wasn't true," Trump said. "That's a terrible thing to even suggest, because he is a very, very high quality person."

Cohen asked Trump if he saw Biden as the most difficult Democrat to beat in his re-election campaign.

"He's a sleepy man. But I just don't know. I mean, who knows, really, who can, you know, do the best. In many ways, I like him. He's not as smart as Bernie [Sanders], and he's not as quick, but he's got different views, a little bit, I guess," Trump said. "But they're all pretty heavy leaning left, including him. So I don't know."

The president went on to slam the International Association of Firefighters for supporting Biden. Trump spent part of Wednesday making dozens of retweets of users claiming firefighters supported him and not Biden.

"I know the unions, they're dues-sucking people. They just want their dues, and they couldn't care less," Trump said. "There was outrage by firefighters when a union, you know, one of the bigger unions, endorsed Sleepy Joe."

Cohen also asked Trump his stance on the controversy surrounding U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement making arrests in courthouses. A Newton judge was recently indicted after allegedly helping an undocumented immigrant evade ICE agents, and two Democratic prosecutors — Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins and Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan — have announced a lawsuit against ICE.

"These are 'bad hombres,' and ICE needs to be able to do their job, and this one DA, Rachael Rollins, is really bravado, she's like, 'Oh, come get me, come and arrest me if you want,'" said Cohen. "How do you think the U.S. Attorney here in Massachusetts should handle this?"

"I think that it's a sad situation, and very unfortunate for Massachusetts, a great place that I know very well, so many friends up there," Trump said. "These are people that probably don't mind crime, they don't mind what's going on."

The host agreed with the president's assertion that MS-13 is the world's greatest force of evil.

"If you look at MS-13, they say in the world, there's nothing more evil. These are some very, very bad people," Trump said.

"That's right," Cohen responded.

NBC10 Boston reached out to the district attorneys. Neither had any comment about Trump's remarks.

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