Righting The Ship

It doesn't get any colder, wetter or more miserable than this...

..at least for June.

Highs made it near 50 in most spots, but it was just after midnight last night. Rest of the day was stuck in the upper 40s with a wind-whipped rain and a few embedded downpours.

An ugly day we'd like to forget. And we likely will with the coming heat in the next week and a half.

Getting out of this pattern is as simple as waiting for the sunrise tomorrow. Downpours will diminish after midnight as our storm sinks southward overnight. Gusty winds along the coast will waiver as well thanks to a more stable area of high pressure moving in.

There is one minor detour before we get to the heat this weekend. Another storm will swing offshore Friday with a batch of rain. We may see a sprinkle on the Cape, but it could also sponsor a downpour or shower in the afternoon. No matter, we'll still hit 70 or so.

Then the heat is on for the weekend. We've jacked the numbers up from 70s to 80s - maybe even low 90s for some by Sunday.

Yes, it's that hot. And yes it's really coming. We saw it almost a month ago - from raw and cold straight into the frying pan. Sometimes the weather works like clockwork.

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