Sentimental Items Stolen From Child's Grave

Jaeden Robinson of Webster, Massachusetts, was just 6 when he suddenly died after battling leukemia for 3.5 years.

"About a month after remission, he contracted meningitis and got very sick and passed away within a day," said Jadeen's mom, Samantha Robinson.

After the initial shock of Jaeden's death, his mom, his big brother, Devon, and his little sister, Alexa, were determined to celebrate his life.

"He loved superheroes, loved Minions," Robinson said.

Every holiday, and for Jaeden's birthday on May 1, they would leave his favorite toys on his grave inside Mt. Zion Cemetery.

But this past week, his mom says someone stole flowers and toys — including tiger lilies and a large stuffed Minion — right off his grave site.

"Devon was heartbroken, he broke down as soon as I told him. He couldn't understand why people would do that to his brother," Robinson said through tears.

Robinson contacted town officials and posted on a community Facebook page asking for help recovering the sentimental items.

"It's obviously disturbing, especially where it's a child’s grave," said Webster Police Chief Michael Shaw. "It would probably mean a lot to the family just to return it. They could drop it off here, no questions asked."

In the meantime, the community has responded in a big way, offering toys and flowers, along with love and support, to Jaeden's family.

"I want this woman to know that there's a lot of hate in the world, but there's a lot more love," said JoJo Scannell of Webster.

Robinson says today, on the three-year anniversary of Jaeden's death, it means more than anyone could know.

"It's just breathtaking that people still care," she said. "There are a lot of good people out there."

Jaeden's mom says with the outpouring of support, they're running out of room on his small grave site.

She says anyone who wants to help could donate in her son's name to a place that helped him during his treatment — Why Me & Sherry's House in Worcester.

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