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Winter Storm Warning for Boston as Snow Turns on New England

Well here we are. First snow of the season. From Texas to Alabama, this storm has left its mark over the last two days. Here in New England, folks are lighthearted. Especially on social media, where no one seems to mind the weekend interruption. Better still, the bread aisles at the store remain intact - what's not to love??

So far.

This is a festive time of year with a jovial "it's winter in New England" slant to the storm tomorrow. Mother Nature isn't pulling any punches this time around. It's a pretty straightforward forecast as the snow moves in tomorrow...then out..by Sunday morning.


Mix, rain and snow will start up late night and establish on the Cape into the morning. Thereafter, the precipitation will migrate north and northwest into the rest of New England by the mid-afternoon and evening.

Pacing of the snow will pick up late tomorrow and tomorrow night. This is when roads will become snow covered and slippery. Rain will firmly take over on the South Shore and the Cape at this time too.

Snow continues through the midnight hour, as we take the edge off any moderate snow after midnight. Snow showers will linger into early Sunday morning, adding another inch or two.

At no point are roads impassable, buried in white-outs, or caked in drifting snow. The winds are tolerable, the cold is seasonable, and the snow's pace is manageable.

A rather pleasant start to the winter season.

Longer range, the Tuesday storm may be more bark than bite. Milder air is now coming into view and the rain/snow line is getting shoved farther north. Storm snowfall may be limited to Northern New England, and not ALL of New England. 

However, if there's anything that's certain, it's the cold to come AFTER the storm. Numbing wind chills, bitter mornings, frigid afternoons. Get ready for the other side of winter.

We'll have updates through the storm!

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