Social Media Threat Puts Pembroke, Massachusetts High School on Lockdown

A social media threat temporarily put a Massachusetts high school on lockdown Monday.

Police said that a staff member at Pembroke High School called authorities after seeing a threatening photo posted on a 16-year-old's social media account.

"Pretty upset about it, actually," said parent Matt Rushing. "We actually just moved here from England in the summer, so not what I was expecting to move into."

While an investigation was initiated, the high school was placed in a shelter in place, which school officials said lasted about 15 to 20 minutes.

Police said in a statement that they recovered a black BB pistol which was the subject of the social media post.

"After the juvenile and parent were interviewed, it was found that the juvenile had no access and the post has already been taken down," Pembroke Police Chief Richard Wall said.

"A lot of people were scared. We didn't know what was happening. They didn't tell us a lot," said Katelyn Kesaris, a 14-year-old freshman. "They jsut told us there was a threat being made, they had him in the office so nothing bad was going to happen."

Authorities said they do not believe there was an ongoing credible threat but would provide a police presence for students returning to school on Tuesday.

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