Some Boston Tourists Can't Take the Heat

Boston on July 4th is always a hot ticket, but many tourists did not expect it to be this hot. From the shade to the splash pad, many spent the holiday trying to find relief from the heat.

Brian Burgess, a tour guide with Boston’s Free Tours by Foot, moved his Freedom Trail tour to the morning, but the sun was still blazing. He advised tourists to bring water and tried to find as much shade as possible.

“I never cancel a tour,” Burgess said. “But it’s wicked hot out here.”

NBC Boston first met Burgess back in December of last year, giving a tour when it was 20 degrees. He said his advice on how to get through the weather is always the same.

“Think summer if it’s winter or winter if it’s summer. Mind over matter, my friend,” he said with a smile.

The splash pad near the Aquarium was packed with tourists who said they also plan on visiting historic sights, but needed to cool off first. The Ryals family was visiting from Georgia and said it feels hotter in Boston than the South.

“I actually hate this weather so far,” Logan Ryals said. “It feels like 150 degrees.”

Some visiting Boston on a cruise ship said the heat is a welcome relief from their last stop in Canada and they are enjoying the 4th in the heat.

“We were like three layers deep, so this is awesome,” Michele Diamond, visiting from Ohio said. “The hotter, the stickier the better.”

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