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Some Storms, Some Sunshine

Severe thunderstorm threat this evening.

Severe storms are possible in Worcester County until 9pm as a cluster of powerful storms moves into the Commonwealth.

More stable (read: detrimental to thunderstorms) air is across Greater Boston, so those storms should weaken as they move out of Greater Worcester.

Timing on all these storms brings them to Central & Eastern Mass. by 8-10pm. Keep an eye to the sky as these storms have a history of large (1" or greater) hail and damaging winds.

In other news, it felt like an eternity since we've seen the sun, so when it came out today, the tweets and the posts to facebook started rolling in.

"What's this bright thing in the sky?"

"Something resembling the sun in Waltham."

We're getting a break in the pattern - albeit briefly - to squeeze in a few sunny days. Tomorrow through Saturday look pretty nice. There may be an outside chance at a gusty, quick shower/storm tomorrow, but it's bright....and warm. Cooler air comes in Friday and for the weekend, with another sizeable rain-maker coming for late Sunday and into next week.

'Blah' is the operative weather word (yes, I could use something stronger) for this stubborn, cool pattern.

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