Report: Work Commutes in Greater Boston Are Getting Longer

A new Boston Globe investigation shows what many commuters already know -the drive to and from work has gotten longer for those in the Boston area in recent years.

Commuters who live on the South Shore told the Boston Globe that trips that took them 70 minutes five years ago are now lasting 90 minutes. North Shore commuters said their commutes take two hours — twice as long as in 2007.

According to INRIX, a firm that studies transportation data, Boston is the 19th worst congested area in the country, with the average driver spending 60 hours in traffic during the year. That's two more hours than in 2016.

Public transportation has attempted to allow for the onslaught of traffic by modifying its schedules to better accommodate those who don't want to be on the roads, but those commutes are not taking any less time either. The Globe reports that this year, the MBTA's addition of morning express routes from Brighton, Watertown, and Waltham took an average of 39 percent longer than they did a decade ago.

Click here to read the full Globe report.

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