Study: Teen Makeup Sold at Claire's Contains Asbestos

There could be harmful chemicals in children's makeup sold at Claire's stores nationwide, according to an investigation by the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group.

The non-profit recently sent a number of makeup products being sold at Claire's for testing. Three came back positive for asbestos.

The Claire's shadow and highlight finishing kit, the contour palette and the compact powder were all impacted, according to the study.

All contain talc as a main ingredient. Talc is known to contain asbestos, which can cause serious diseases like cancer.

MASSPIRG decided to test the makeup when Claire’s recalled nine makeup products in December, after a North Carolina-based lab showed the makeup tested positive for asbestos.

"This is one of those items that zero is OK ... it's not that they exceeded an acceptable level. All experts agree, nothing should contain asbestos that we put on our body," said Janet Domenitz, executive director of MASSPIRG.

In January, Claire's announced test results from two certified independent labs confirmed their products are asbestos-free and completely safe.

"Claire's categorically denies that the testing by stat, relied upon by PIRG, is accurate," Claire's told NBC10 Boston in a statement. "The test methods that were used by STAT are obsolete and unreliable, and STAT is not certified to perform the type of testing necessary for talc-based products."

MASSPIRG is calling on Claire's to remove the items in question from the shelves immediately, and for the FDA to test products for harmful chemicals regularly.

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