Summer Preview on Saturday

From the looks of this morning, there wasn't much to hope for today. However, with a driving west/southwest wind, clouds were chased out of town early in the day. The result? A foray into summer this afternoon. Normal highs are around 60, but we were catapulted well into 80s thanks to abundant sun!

Tomorrow is essentially a carbon copy of today. Showers - and a slight chance at a storm - will roll through in the morning, and be followed by sun and warm temps in the afternoon. If you sleep in (OK WAY in), you will likely miss the wettest part of the day.

Sunday isn't so toasty. Winds will turn onshore and flood Eastern Mass. with cooler temperatures. We're dropping back to April standards with an even mix of sun and clouds. So much for the warm weather.

There are signs some may come back by Monday - and more likely Tuesday - but in the long range, there's also more wet weather coming. A huge block over Greenland is causing a late-season cold wave in Europe while backing up the weather systems in the United States. Cool air is puddling in the East into early May as well, so there isn't much hope for a sustained period of above normal warmth anytime soon.

Now get to those garden beds! Average date of the last frost is May 3rd in the suburbs. Most everyone else has passed the threat for frost.

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