Sunny and Hot, No Storms on Sunday

A supercell storm that formed in Connecticut at 9 a.m. yesterday generated a tornado that touched down once briefly in Woodstock, Connecticut, then lifted and touched back down again in Dudley, Massachusetts and stayed on the ground into Webster. It all happened between 9:30 and 10:15 in the morning.

Though that storm was the worst in New England, many communities reported wind damage, lightning strikes, most of all, widespread flash flooding.

On Cape Cod, thunderstorms dropped 4-5 inches of rain on The National Seashore with serious flooding and road closures.

It was the most rain for the Cape since at least early June. Just about every lawn in New England was watered by this impressive weather front.

There was also a wave off low pressure along the front which enhanced the rainfall as it moved from Connecticut to eastern Massachusetts during the day.

And now for a change, we have air from the northwest, briefly last night air from Canada is a little bit less humid for our Sunday.

With nearly full sunshine the temperature will jump up to near 90° for the afternoon, humidity will remain lower than it's been the last few days.

High pressure moves south of New England tonight and tomorrow keeping us on the warm to hot side, and humidity will gradually build once again.

With sunshine tomorrow, high temperatures will be 90 to 95°.

Then a series of weak fronts moving from the Midwest and southeastern Canada will return the humidity and possibility of thunderstorms late in the day north and west.

A slightly more increased risk for thunderstorms in western and northern New England Tuesday, again near 90°.

Wednesday and Thursday the front is right over us, moving slowly, with chances for showers and thunderstorms each day as temperatures cool a little bit, back to the 80s.

If things work out, brighter and less humid weather should arrive for the end of the week, and maybe next weekend.

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