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Sunny Monday to Give Way to Rain, Snow

We’ll be on the warmer side of the storm system as low pressure cuts to our west

There will be bright sunshine and pleasant temperatures throughout New England Monday, a perfect day to hit the slopes. Most mountains in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine look terrific.

Tuesday starts off dry and sunny. Most of us will be going back to school and work. We should have no issues getting into work, but going home might be a little hairy for some. This season we haven’t had a lot of cold air to work with as storms approach. We’ve seen snow, change to sleet, change to rain. Why? It’s because we haven’t had a strong area of high pressure to the north.

We’ll be on the warmer side of the storm system as low pressure cuts to our west. However, we should have high pressure situated over eastern Canada keeping the cold air locked in (at least at the surface) even on warmer on the storm. It’s going to be a tough forecast Tuesday night. Temperatures between the clouds and the ground are forecast to be a degree or two on either side of the freezing mark. If the temperature is 33° or 34° we could see freezing rain or rain. With a temperature of 31° or 32° we could see sleet, snow or ice.

Once that storm system moves out, the sunshine returns for Friday and stays with us through the weekend. Temperatures will be in the 30s north and 40s south. Unsettled weather returns on Monday with showers persisting into Wednesday. Temperatures will day 5-10 degrees above average in the mid to upper 40s.

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