Sunny Start to a Cool Day in New England

At about 8 o'clock Sunday morning, the eye of hurricane Irma passed between Key West and Marathon Key in Florida.

At that time wind was reported to be gusting between 90 and 100 mph.

The National Hurricane Center advisory stated that winds were sustained at 130 mph, but we have no verification of 130 mph from any meteorological observation site.

As the eye wall came ashore, there was a storm surge of ocean water into the streets, estimates were that it could be 10 feet deep or higher, but it was low tide.. so, so far - so good, in that department.

Even though the eye of Category 4 Hurricane Irma went right over the Florida Keys, just about the entire state of Florida is experiencing squalls with winds gusting past 55 mph and torrential downpours. Hundreds of thousands are without electricity today.

The National Hurricane Center forecast takes Irma on a path parallel to, or right up the West Coast of Florida heading north, passing over Tampa around midnight Sunday night.

Irma may maintain major hurricane status all the way to the Florida Panhandle Monday, then gradually dissipate to a tropical storm over Georgia and Alabama Tuesday.

Here in New England our weather is dominated by a high-pressure system from Canada. Temperatures cooled into the 40s Saturday night, but are warming nicely to 70° Sunday afternoon.

Out in the ocean there are two other storms we have to keep an eye on.

A new storm is forming south of Nova Scotia and it's going to sit there and spin creating a block in the atmosphere.

That leaves New England with a nice stretch of weather and temperatures warming up to near 80° Monday through Wednesday. Another storm is Category 4 Hurricane Jose, that missed the northern Leeward Islands last night. Jose is expected to stall south of Bermuda and may actually threaten the East Coast of United States in about 9 or 10 days.

Also the remnant of Irma may try and energize a little bit as it gets close to New England late Thursday and Friday. But for now it looks like pretty quiet and nice weather for an extended time here.

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