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Suspects Wanted for Breaking Into Lockers, Cars at Quincy YMCA

Quincy police say at least three suspects are involved in the scheme

Police are searching for two suspects who they say broke into lockers at a Massachusetts YMCA, stealing car keys and then using them to break into victims’ vehicles to steal credit cards and cash.

The incident happened last Wednesday at the YMCA on Coddington Street in Quincy.

Authorities say a third suspect was captured on surveillance video using the stolen cards to purchase iPhones at the Apple store at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree later that day.

Investigators say the thieves, who returned the stolen keys after rummaging through the vehicles, pulled off the thefts while the victims worked out.

“They were able to access the gym without showing an I.D. or some type of a pass,” said Quincy Police Sgt. Karyn Barkas.

It’s unclear how the suspects managed to bypass security at the entrance. Several gymgoers told NBC10 Boston that a membership card is required.

“Everybody knows I’m crazy,” said Janice Howard, a Quincy YMCA member. “If they touch mine, they’re getting hurt. Period.”

Police say a fourth victim came forward after the initial thefts were reported.

The Quincy YMCA would not comment Friday night.

None of the suspects has been identified.

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