Teacher Says ALS Leaves Job, Benefits in Jeopardy

An AP Biology teacher's job is in jeoprady due to complications caused by ALS.

An AP biology teacher's job is in jeopardy due to complications caused by ALS.

Dr. Philip LeMarbre says it all started when he asked for more sick leave after the diagnosis. The school committee voted against it. His wife Jessica says Blackstone Valley Technical High School in Upton intends to fire him at the end of the school year, after more than nine years on the job.

LeMarbre says his mind is still sharp and that he wants to teach, but his body is now ravaged by the early signs of ALS, robbing him of nerve and muscle function.

"The district has done everything that it can do within the confines of the state law," said Assistant Superintendent and Principal Anthony Steele.

"As far as Philip and I are concerned, we have complied with everything they have asked for." said Jessica LeMarbre, "They have walked the legal line and they know that, but they have not shown him any compassion."

Philip LeMarbre says he's exhausted all legal options in his case, but want to fight for the rights of his fellow teachers with the remaining time he has left.

"Hopefully this doesn't happen to any other teacher," he said.

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