The Price of Superbowl LII

As soon as the New England Patriots pulled ahead in Sunday’s game, prices for the Super Bowl also began to move.

"Prices were close to $6,000," said John Higgins, who owns Higs Tickets in Boston.

Since then, seats to see the Patriots face the Philadelphia Eagles have skyrocketed, ranging in price from $4,500 to $66,000.

"It’s two great cities, I’ll say, that loves their teams," Higgins said, "And that typically translates to an expensive Super Bowl."

But the game itself is not the only cost. Hotels within a couple miles of U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis were offering rooms at a minimum of $800 per night, according to sites like Airfare between Boston and Minneapolis was equally expensive, with direct flights on Delta priced at more than $1,000 round trip.

"There was one flight that went from Minnesota to Fort Lauderdale and back to Boston," said fan, Fred Zagami.

Rather than deal with the steep costs, Zagami and his friends booked flights to Chicago, where they will then rent a car and drive to Minnesota. The only affordable hotel they could find is located 30 minutes outside the city. However, they still haven’t found affordable tickets.

"I’ve been on my phone all morning," Zagami explained. "I don’t want to pay more than $4,000 a ticket if I had to."

According to Higgins, the prices would have been much higher had the Minnesota Vikings won a spot to play in their hometown. Given the current match up, he suspects prices to fluctuate somewhat in the coming days.

"It’s different every Super Bowl, and there’s a window of opportunity to get it at the lowest price," Higgins explained. "What that opportunity is and what that day is, I wish we knew in advance."

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