These Are The Most Misspelled Words in All 6 New England States

Is there one word you can't spell, regardless of how many times you Google it?

In honor of the National Spelling Bee finals, Google Trends looked at the top "how to spell" words searched by state. Here's a look at New England's most misspelled words.

  • In Massachusetts, the top searched word was "beautiful," a most misspelled word shared by 10 other states.
  • In New Hampshire, the top word was "subtle." It was the only state with that as its top word.
  • Vermont's was "solution." It was also the only state to have that top word.
  • In Rhode Island, the most searched word was "dying." No other states had this word in common with them.
  • In Connecticut, the top searched word is "sincerely." Missouri is also searching the correct spelling of that word.
  • Up north in Maine, they're the only state Googling how to spell "Connecticut."

This map was tweeted out to show what each state searched the most on Google.

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