Tropical Depression Effects Headed Our Way

Surf and rip currents could become an issue at our shoreline this weekend

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Clouds will continue to increase from west to east through the remainder of the afternoon as showers and pockets of light rain continue in western New England.  The clouds represent the leading edge of significant humidity; dewpoints will rise overnight and you’ll certainly feel the difference in the air tomorrow.  

While I don’t expect a lot of shower and thunderstorm activity, there will be some passing showers in northern New England tonight and some hit or miss action tomorrow, primarily through the interior.  Highs will climb into the upper 70s to middle 80s tomorrow.  

Meanwhile Tropical Depression Fred is lifting out of northern Georgia and will continue weaken as well as push north-northeastward over the next couple of days. There’s still some uncertainty as to where the steadiest and heaviest downpours will set up here in New England on Thursday, so stay tuned to the latest forecast for clarity on the timing and placement of rain.

By Friday and the weekend, a weak ridge of high pressure is going to try and nose its way in here, sandwiching us between Tropical Storm Henri (well to our southeast) and upper level energy to our west.  I’m optimistic that we’ll be able to sneak in plenty of dry weather in those days, though there may be a few showers around.  No washouts!

We will have to keep a close eye on Henri though, as increased surf and rip currents could become an issue at our shoreline this weekend. Next week, it looks like there will be a few thunderstorms around, especially on Monday and Tuesday before a decrease in the percent chance of precipitation by midweek.  Highs will generally run either side of 80 for much of the period.

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