Turn Your Favorite Running Route Into Awesome Wall Art

You know that favorite running route of yours, the one along the water that always leaves you clear-headed and full of energy? Now you can turn it into wall art.

Running is an expression that allows us to see beauty in the world around us.

Janji is bringing its running apparel to a pop-up store at 328 Newbury St (the old Asics Space), just a few blocks from the Boston Marathon finish line. And thanks to a partnership with running app Strava, they'll be giving visitors the opportunity to plug your running coordinates into one of their onsite computers and walk away with a free piece of art, below, depicting the route.

I chatted with Janji founder Dave Spandorfer to learn a bit more.

Alex E. Weaver: So tell me how this Strava collab works. How do I get one of my running routes turned into a poster?

Dave Spandorfer: Like many Boston runners (and many runners competing in the Boston Marathon) we’re big Strava users. We’re also a company that likes exploring the world around us. We have our Nomadic Run Crew every Saturday morning from the store that takes 60 or so Boston-area runners to some mural around Boston. It’s a great way to see art—and the world—through running.

With Strava, we wanted to take this one step further. Since running can be a form of exploration and expression, we wanted to turn your favorite run into a beautiful piece of art.

AEW: What's the technology behind it?

DS: Strava collects an incredible amount of data including longitude/latitude coordinates, elevation, pace, distance and more. Using Strava’s API ... we developed an algorithm that takes your unique data from your run and refigures it into a one-of-a-kind print using geometric shapes and colors.

AEW: Why do you think my 3-mile loop around the Esplanade translates well to my next piece of art?

DS: Each run is a unique experience, whether you're running through the streets of a city on the opposite side of the world or whether you're simply hopping outside for a three-mile jog on the Charles River.

Every time you lace up and get running you see new things, pass different people, and live a day that is totally different from any previous day. We want to capture the distinct flavor of running by transforming the often mundane, metric side of the sport into what it really is: a form of exploration and expression that allows us to see beauty in the world around us.

The Janji pop-up will be open this Friday through Tuesday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Image provided. 

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