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Visitor to Maine's Seashore Trolley Museum Turns Out to Be Rare Albino Porcupine

The museum is having a contest to name the rare species

A visitor that recently turned up at a Maine train museum has been identified as a rare albino porcupine.

Seashore Trolley Museum volunteer Herb Pence was in his car getting ready to leave Monday when a white object appeared in the distance. Some visitors noticed it too and asked Pence what it was.

At first, Pence said it seemed "like a plastic bag" but "then it moved."

Another volunteer came out of the museum to take a picture of the moving white ball.

Upon further examination, it was determined to be an albino porcupine which is rare because only one of every 10,000 of the species is albino.

Since Monday, the Kennebunkport museum has received calls about the creature and even launched a contest to name it.

As of Thursday, name suggestions included Tribble, Trolley, Herb, Porky McPorcupine, and the more avant-garde, Lamp.

Museum staff say they believe the porcupine lives in a clump of bushes towards the front of the museum property near the driveway and visitor's center.

Staff is hoping people respect the animal's space and don't try to pet him or her, though they are welcome to take pictures if there's a sighting.

"Frankly, what I hope is that nothing happens to it," said Pence.

The museum is already caring for the critter and have put a water bowl out for it.

As long as no predators or pet-hungry tourists grab the resident rodent, museum officials said they're fine with the animal drawing in some extra visitors.

"I hope the publicity encourages people to come here because we have a great story to tell," said Pence. "We have a lot of equipment from around the United States."

Name ideas for porcupine can be submitted through the museum's Facebook page.

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