What to Expect From the Storm Headed for New England Next Week

The system will be wet and mild, and should keep it chilly through Thanksgiving

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Well, the warmup is over. And with that, we’re back to November. The chill will be protracted by a steady, occasionally gusty wind from the northwest all afternoon.

A lot of what you may know about the weekend is on your weather app. But what you may not know is that the clouds will be on us relatively quickly on Sunday. And we have a shot at the first frost of the season at Boston Logan International Airport Boston.

It goes without saying that a lot of the communities on the shore roads are also looking for their first frost of the season. Gardens are still growing and lawns are still lush -- as opposed to dormant and stunted for many others. All in all, not a bad weekend.

We’re bringing the clouds in on Sunday with an advancing storm. Rain should break out at night and spill over to Monday. This was the storm that coulda, woulda, shoulda been a biggie for us, but now seems like a mild rain event, followed by another sharp cooldown.

It’s this cooldown that will carry us to Thanksgiving. A chilly, dry, good-traveling-weather kind of Thanksgiving. Clouds may be around from time to time, but that will only enhance the sunrises and sunsets, which are often stellar on these short days.

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