Wind Chill Advisories and Warnings Issued

Much of New England is starting with sub-zero temperatures today. This, along with winds gusting past 25 mph, creates a wind chill factor of 20 to 30 degrees below zero.

The old Christmas storm continues to spin well north of New England, but its influence is felt with this wind from the northwest.

Over the next couple of days, high pressure from Ontario — adjacent to a wayward polar vortex — will settle over New England. At that point, we will see a decrease in the wind and perhaps a little bit less cold air for the New Year's weekend.

High temperatures today will be close to 10 degrees, only zero degrees if you're headed for the ski slopes where the temperature may remain sub zero.

Wind is gusting past 30 mph this afternoon keeping the wind chill factor near zero degrees or colder. As a matter fact, we may have record low high temperatures for the date. The coldest high temperature for Boston today is 18 degrees in 1924. We feel it may not reach 18 for a high.

Clear and cold air allows temperatures to plummet to subzero again tonight. Clouds will be on the increase tomorrow, high temperature is back up into the teens.

A weak weather system, called in Alberta clipper, will race through New England on Saturday, with some light snow possible.

There will be a new storm forming at sea, but most of the heavy precipitation's should stay off shore.

The exception could be from the coast of Connecticut through Rhode Island to Cape Cod where there may be enough snow for the plows to be called out Saturday. Otherwise, the sky will turn fair with a high temperature once again in the single numbers north, and teens south.

The final day of 2017 is cold once again, but it now appears there any weekend storm should be progressive and stay for enough away that we have dry weather for New Year's Eve.

By the stroke of midnight, much of New England will again see temperatures near zero degrees, after topping out in the teens for our Sunday.

The wind will likely be active, so it will be about as cold as it gets around here for New Year's.

New Year's Day looks mostly dry, with a good amount of sunshine and a high temperature 5 degree north to 15 degrees south.

Temperatures have to moderate a bit next week, and we may get a better shot at some snow, or a wintry mix, by about Thursday.

In the meantime, we will keep an eye on the coastal storms to make sure they behave.

Stay safe!

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