Friends or Seinfeld? Twitter Debate Rages Over Which Show is Better: CAST YOUR VOTE

One of the epic confrontations of all time is blowing up Twitter -- Friends or Seinfeld?

After an Australian news site posed the question on Monday, people have been sounding off on social media.

So many people chimed in locally that Seinfeld was even trending on Twitter in Boston by Monday afternoon. So I guess we know which way locals are leaning.

The reaction elsewhere is mixed, with some leaning toward each show.

"Seinfeld and it's not even close," said @caseyxnl on Twitter. "The fact that Friends is even discussed in the same league as Seinfeld is baffling to me."

"Friends, a million times over," said @cathy_crawley.

Others had trouble taking sides at all.

"It's like comparing apples and oranges," said Twitter user @chrisshill. "Both shows have equal merit. Seinfeld has clever writing and was much funnier, but Friends has much greater character depth and development."

You can cast your vote in the poll above. 

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