Coronavirus Is a Waffle House ‘Index Red': Chain Closes 365 Locations

Waffle House restaurant sign, Auburn, Ala., July 6, 2018.
Raymond Boyd/Getty Images (File)

Waffle House has declared "Waffle House Index Red," as the chain closes nearly a quarter of its restaurants in response to the coronavirus pandemic, NBC News reported.

The Georgia-based chain's 1,627 restaurants are usually open 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Now, 365 locations are closed, a Waffle House Facebook post said Tuesday.

"#WaffleHouseIndexRed," said the post.

The Waffle House Index, which was coined nearly a decade ago, refers to the measure of destruction caused by a natural disaster based on how many Waffle Houses remain open or have closed. The chain, which has restaurants in about two dozen states but is a staple in the South, is known for its disaster preparedness and ability to stay open during most weather events, like tornadoes and hurricanes.

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