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Deval Patrick Discusses ‘Brick-by-Brick' Approach to Campaign

The former Massachusetts governor was a late entry to the presidential race and is looking for support ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

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As he campaigns for president, Deval Patrick doesn't draw the crowds that often show up for the top-tier candidates.

Patrick's events have a different feel. They are intimate and personal.

"It's not just giving speeches and having rallies. It's actually engaging with people," Patrick said.

But Patrick is at a distinct disadvantage. Having just entered the race in November, he has low name recognition, comparatively little money and barely registers at 1% in most polls.

One of the most common questions was asked Wednesday by a New Hampshire voter.

"How are you going to sell yourself to the rest of the country who are sitting there saying, 'Who is Deval Patrick? We don't even know who he is. I mean, he's too late,'" the voter said.

"Have you made up your mind?" Patrick asked. When the voter said no, Patrick was ready with a response: "Then I'm not too late for you."

Patrick says his current standing is about where he expected to be and that it feels similar to the start of his first gubernatorial race.

"Brick by brick, person by person, and conversation by conversation, we're making progress," he said.

There have been positive signs, including an encouraging editorial by the Washington Post, a $2 million ad buy from the "Reason To Believe" PAC, a slew of new hires and fresh support from voters like Ann Grossi.

"He's at the top of my list," Grossi said. "He's one of two at the top of my list right now."

Patrick was expected back in Massachusetts Wednesday night for the officially kickoff of his statewide campaign.

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