• Maine Sep 1

    Pushback in Maine Against NOAA's New Lobster Fishing Rules

    New federal lobster fishing rules from NOAA meant to protect right whales from entanglements are being protested by lobstermen and politicians in Maine.

  • Maine Sep 1

    Lobster Fishing Will Face Restrictions to Try to Save Whales

    America’s lobster fishing industry will face a host of new harvesting restrictions amid a new push from the federal government to try to save a vanishing species of whale. The new rules, which have loomed over the profitable lobster industry for years and were announced Tuesday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, are designed to protect the North...

  • right whales Aug 26

    Concern About Endangered Whales Cited in Lawsuit Over Nantucket Wind Farm

    The construction of dozens of wind turbines off the coast of Nantucket threatens the survival of a dwindling number of endangered Northern Atlantic right whales that inhabit the waters, a group of residents on the affluent resort island in Massachusetts argue in a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday. ACK Residents Against Turbines said Vineyard Wind’s proposed project of some 60 turbines…

  • lobster fishery Aug 15

    Lobster Boat Tracking Coming to Protect Whales and Other Fishery

    America’s lobster fishing businesses could be subjected to electronic tracking requirements to try to protect vulnerable right whales and get a better idea of the population of the valuable crustaceans. An arm of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, an interstate regulatory authority, said this month it is considering implementing the tracking requirements for lobster boats that have federal...

  • whales Jul 25

    White House to Review Proposal to Conserve North Atlantic Right Whales

    Proposed rules designed to protect a declining species of whale have arrived at the White House for review. The federal government is working on rules designed to reduce risk to North Atlantic right whales. The whales number only about 360. They face threats including entanglement in ropes that connect to lobster and crab traps in the ocean. The National Oceanic…

  • right whales Jul 4

    US Lobster Fisheries Anxious Over Upcoming Whale Protections

    By PATRICK WHITTLE The profitable U.S. lobster fishery will soon have to contend with new rules designed to protect an endangered species of whale, and that could necessitate major changes for people in the industry. The federal government is working on new rules designed to reduce risk to North Atlantic right whales, which number only about 360. One of the…

  • whales Jun 3

    Shrinking Giants: North Atlantic Right Whales Getting Tinier

    The younger generation of critically endangered North Atlantic right whales are on average about three feet shorter than whales were 20 years, drone and aircraft data show in a study in Thursday’s journal Current Biology.

  • The Recap May 10

    WATCH: Whales Seen Hugging Off Cape Cod

    Rare video of two Northern Atlantic Right Whales seeming to hug it out on the surface of Cape Cod Bay is just what you need to see today.

  • hugs May 7

    WATCH: These Whales Seem to Be Hugging Off Cape Cod

    New England scientists captured two critically endangered North Atlantic right whales swimming belly to belly, appearing to hug each other with their flippers. It’s behavior that’s very rarely seen on camera, and could be a sign of affection, the scientists said.

    Video credit: Brian Skerry/National Geographic Magazine | Michael Moore/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

  • whales Apr 13

    Rare Whales Spotted Off Boston; Caution Urged

    A group of rare whales has been spotted east of Boston, prompting the federal government to urge caution among boaters. The whales are North Atlantic right whales, which number only about 360 in the world. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said it is asking mariners to route around the area or transit through it at 10 knots or less…

  • whales Mar 25, 2020

    Whales Spotted Off the Coast of Massachusetts

    NBC10 Boston photographer Mark Garfinkel captured amazing images of two or three North Atlantic right whales feeding near Egg Rock off the coast of Nahant, Massachusetts.
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