A Shot of Snow Headed for Interior New England

Road crews will likely go to work by Monday night

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Clouds will stay with New England through the day Monday, coupling with a cold start in the 20s to keep temperatures from rising much beyond 40 degrees.  

This means when precipitation moves in during the afternoon from west to east -- for many of us between 3 and 5 p.m. -- we’ll see not only rain but also snow breaking out.  

With a southeast wind blowing in from ocean water in the lower 40s, it’s unlikely coastal locales will see much accumulation, and even spots within about 15 miles of the coast will have difficulty accumulating much more than a coating to an inch.  

Farther inland, however, one to two inches of snow will accumulate in the suburbs north and west of Boston and through south-central Massachusetts into northern Connecticut and the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. Farther north, from central and western Massachusetts all the way into central Vermont and New Hampshire and southern Maine, three to five and even as much as five to eight inches of snow are expected, meaning road crews will be treating and scraping late this evening into the overnight, with rain and snow showers winding down around dawn Tuesday and giving way to some sunshine with highs in the 50s for melting to begin quickly.  

Another disturbance brings a chance of rain or mixed rain and snow showers Wednesday, with the balance of the exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast showing high temperatures mostly in the 50s, and several chances for showers along the way including, for a change in our recent weather pattern, on the weekend.

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