A Warm Welcome? Temperatures Could Hit Record Breaking Highs

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We’re in rare form today – although for this winter’s standards, it seems to be commonplace. Records will tumble as the warmest part of this airmass aims directly for southern New England today. Highs soar to the mid and upper 60s as the southwest wind brings the heat. Sun will slowly fade as a weather system advances from the west.

This storm will bring the rain overnight and into early Friday. What seemed like a “clean” sweep from the cold front later in the day now appears more abrupt. We sneak in the 60s once more, but the warmth is fragile and fleeting. Expect us to drop quickly to the 50s, 40s and 30s by evening as the cold air slams down from the north.

Saturday sees the temperatures hover near our normal high of 40, before another significant warmup moves in on Sunday and Monday. It’s after this that we start to see some shifts in the pattern, leading us to colder days late next week. Details are still being sorted out, but winter is giving it the college try at the tail end of the month. Whether or not that spells snow remains to be seen.

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