Weather forecast

Cooler Air Arrives in Northeast

A several-day long stretch of mild weather begins Monday

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It was quite an event yesterday with damaging wind and torrential rain in spots. Not everyone saw a soaking rain, and not everyone will today, either.

Cooler air moving in on the heels of a steady north/northeast wind will aid and abet the development of a sea breeze front. Essentially, coastal winds from the northeast meet northwest winds from the land. This causes air to converge - and eventually rise. Throw into that mix the cooler air pooling overhead, and you have the recipe for some pop-up showers or a downpour in the afternoon.

Monday starts an awesome stretch of mild, dry weather. Humidity should stay in check through Wednesday - although it may become more noticeable by then.

Later in the week, storms - or more likely widely scattered showers - will develop as we enter into a bit of an unsettled pattern into next weekend.

With all the ballyhoo of fronts and onshore winds, you'd think we could look forward to some beneficial water. Unfortunately, our guidance isn't spitting out a lot. While the threat runs from Thursday into Sunday of next weekend, we can't promise a soaking.

Cristobal makes its move into Louisiana tonight. Thereafter, it gets caught up in an advancing front through the Rockies. It should meet its demise in the Great Lakes by the middle of next week - fizzling before it has a chance to deliver any rain to New England.

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