Father's Day

Humidity Surges Into New England for the Return to Work Monday

It will be hazy, hot and humid regionwide Monday with temperatures around and over 90 for most

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Scattered thunderstorms Saturday afternoon and evening didn’t hit many communities, but developed along a cold front crossing New England, carrying air that truly is no cooler, but is tangibly less humid, into New England. 

The result on our Father’s Day is summer warmth into the 80s and near 90 degrees, but no significant humidity except Cape Cod and communities near the South Coast of New England, where some stickiness continues as the cold front has stalled. 

After a day of sun, summer warmth and a southwest breeze creating only a one to two foot chop on our waters for boaters, the stalled front to our south will start a trip northward as a warm front, may touch off an evening or night shower or thunderstorm from the Berkshires to the Green Mountains and Monadnock region, and carries increasing humidity. 

The increase in moisture will promote fog development on Cape Cod Sunday night into Monday morning, and will make for a hazy, hot and humid Monday regionwide with high temperatures around and over 90 for all but those within about 20 miles of a south-facing coast, where the south wind blows across ocean waters. 

Tropical Depression Claudette is located over the Southeast U.S. Sunday morning and is predicted to track over the Carolinas and into the Atlantic, strengthening to Tropical Storm strength again Monday as it encounters the warm Gulf Stream water of the West Atlantic, passing southeast of Nantucket early Tuesday morning with 50 mph wind, but the wind will be on the southeast side of the storm, over water, and the rain will remain confined near the storm. 

The indirect impact of Claudette on New England will be increasing ocean swell with offshore waves of five to eight feet Tuesday into early Wednesday, and this could create rip currents at our beaches. 

On land, strong thunder in Northern and Western New England Monday evening and night indicates the approach of a cold front that will likely create scattered showers and thunder Tuesday, then leaves some fantastic, fresh air Wednesday through Friday. 

Early indications for next weekend is we may set up a pattern with a south wind through a deep layer of the atmosphere - if that happens, we turn quite humid and warm, but may get some clean tropical air from the Bahamas with beautiful blue sky between bubbling clouds, showers and storms. 

We’ll keep you posted in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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