FIRST ALERT: More Dangerous Heat, Humidity Thursday

Thursday should be the hottest day of the heat wave

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It's day two of the heat wave, and we’re jacking things up a little.

Instead of low 90s, we’re heading toward the high 90s. It’s not enough to break any records, but it will certainly manage to break some sweat.

At 101 and 99 (both from 1944) for Boston and Worcester, respectively, records remain just out of reach. (Hey, at least we're not THAT hot.) But with the heat index soaring into the low 100s, we’re getting poached in all the humidity.

This is the hottest day of the entire heat wave, with Friday coming in at a close second. Saturday sees the temps slump thanks to the increase in clouds and the threat for a few rumbles of thunder, but it’s just as sticky during the day.

Speaking of thunder, where is it? Storms are staying away thanks to the warmth lingering in the middle and upper atmosphere. By Friday, that warm will fade a bit, allowing for a few storms to form later in the afternoon.

Timing them out is another matter. Some of our guidance shows it arriving late into the night and toward Saturday morning. Seems plausible, given the front approaching from the west.

Then the forecast is a little muddied for Saturday. Do the storms fade early, then re-fire later in the afternoon as the front slows to a crawl? Or do the storms never come for the afternoon since the front is passing and the atmosphere slowly dries out? Either way you slice it, storms are not the focal point of the Saturday forecast, clouds are. And with clouds come cooler temps.

Smoke returns in earnest today. Haze and smoke hang heavy over the area into the afternoon and evening. Shouldn’t be able to smell it like a couple weeks ago, but we’re clearly in the crosshairs for some brilliant sunrises and sunsets.

Sunday is squarely the pick this weekend. More refreshing air will be swinging in to carry us into the new week. Still loving the look of the dry air and cooler temps right through Tuesday.

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