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Spring Patterns Persist Despite Cold Front Surge

Tuesday saw pollen counts in the moderate range, while Wednesday will be lower after recent showers

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A statement certainly is made when a cold front surges through New England, sending wind gusts over 40 miles per hour throughout our Wednesday, yet the wind chill at midday will be in the middle and upper 40s with temperatures in the 50s.

Though certainly a step down from the near-record 60s of Tuesday, it’s plenty mild in our spring pattern, even with the new, cooler air, and this spring pattern – here to stay, per our forecasts earlier this week – already is raising the pollen count and brush fire danger.

Tuesday saw pollen counts in the moderate range – Wednesday will be lower after recent showers – and brush fire danger here at midweek has risen to high for some of eastern New England, meaning exceptional caution needs to be taken with any brush burning.

After building, puffy, cumulus clouds yield a few sprinkles region-wide Wednesday and some scattered rain and snow showers in northern New England with perhaps isolated wind damage, an upper level atmospheric disturbance may be just strong enough to prompt a shower at the South Coast overnight Wednesday night as most of southern New England stays above freezing, while flurries continue in the mountains.

The wind subsides significantly Wednesday night and Thursday, though a breeze will still be perceptible, with enough dry air Thursday for bright sun south and just some North Country flurries, otherwise sun, in northern New England.

The next disturbance to impact New England is slated for Friday, but our First Alert Weather Team is not overly impressed: the first half of the day may have very little action, and the latter half of the day will likely be mild enough for a mix of rain and snow showers that will trend toward snow Friday evening and night, but fall lightly on warm ground unlikely to favor anything more than a coating on the grass in some communities, except maybe an inch or two in the mountains.

Saturday sees a shot of quick cold air with highs in the 30s for many before Sunday delivers a fast rebound in temperature, both days with enough dry air to preclude any rain or snow showers, before another spell of milder air starts next week.

The second half of next week in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast puts New England right along a storm track, meaning an increased chance of showers but also a fairly large difference in temperature possible from north to south, depending on where the storm tracks.

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