String of Showers Could Dump Around 3 Inches of Rain This Week

These showers that move in later on Wednesday are a tricky bunch

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Super stretch of weather so far this month, but with only three days into August, that’s not saying much. So many people are leery of “payback” for a couple of nice days that they almost expect the showers to return to the forecast.

Well, looks like you’ll get your wish. We’re staring down a couple of days with showers later this week. This still doesn’t look like the July pattern, however. Last month was the wettest on record in Worcester and the second wettest in Boston.

While Logan reported just over 10 inches, our weather spotters from Spencer to Weymouth recorded close to 13”! The departures from normal were over 9” in many spots. It was only our second month this year that averaged below normal (1.7F) – the other being February.

These showers that move in later on Wednesday are a tricky bunch. A stalled front is sitting offshore, just waiting for something to tow it back over us. Enter the low pressure system, chugging up the Eastern Seaboard Wednesday night. The rain should hug the coastline, but showers will likely reach back to Worcester.

The bigger questions revolve around timing and intensity. Some projections keep the Cape and Islands in the rain for two and a half days, hammering those towns and cities with over 2 ½ inches of rain.

It's plausible if we tap into some tropical downpours, which seem to be lurking in the batches of rain on the front. This is what’s known as the TUTT (no relation to the Egyptian king). The Tropical Upper Tropospheric Trough is notorious for plumes of heavy rain – and sometimes can spawn tropical weather systems.

None of that for us, though. This is plain rain for locations that actually need it. Unbeknownst to many, from the mid-Cape to Nantucket, moderate drought is ongoing. Granted, 3-4” inches of rain (outlying forecast) wouldn’t exactly be welcome news, but it certainly would banish the drought.

As the TUTT moves on, we’re back to drier weather at the tail end of the week, and we won’t have to pay a king’s ransom.

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