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Weekend Brings Great Weather

Make the best of the weekend (there aren’t a lot left) and stay safe!

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A much-needed break in the pattern comes at the perfect time: the weekend. We’re starting off a little cool, but warm late July sun will take us from the 50s to the 70s this afternoon. Added bonus: the humidity stays in check. Fair weather clouds will pop up this afternoon, but unlike the last several days, no rain will fall from them. Great beach day too. Winds will remain offshore, so the mid and upper 70s will carry all the way to the water’s edge.

We’re going for two days without rain tomorrow – technically, the showers should arrive before midnight, so it may not be perfectly dry. The key point, however, is that the daylight hours remain rain-free. But not cloud-free. The overcast is likely to tighten up during the afternoon – and especially the evening, so there’s that. Still, a dry day is a dry day. Temps also dip a bit because of the cloud cover, but only a slight rise in the humidity is expected.

We change the calendar tomorrow, but we don’t change the weather a whole lot. There are signs that the same old jet stream pattern will attempt to reestablish next week. Rain will be very close as a front stalls offshore, but the week isn’t looking totally washed out. The greatest threat for showers, cool temps, and an onshore wind seems to be on Wednesday and Thursday. We should finish the week with warmer temps and increasing humidity.

Make the best of the weekend (there aren’t a lot left) and stay safe!

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