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How to Start a Strength Routine Using These 4 Kettlebell Exercises

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There are tons of tools to help you strength train and all are beneficial if you know how to do them properly. Emily Beinecke and Sarah Polacco, strength coaches and co-founder of Between 2 Kettlebells, shared some tips with us on how to get started.

Kettlebells are an “entryway training tool” to help people begin a strength training routine, Beinecke explained.



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They are a great way to progress loads and movements. Progressions can be in the form of increasing weight as well as complexity. So, you could progress a movement like a press by going from 10kg to 12kg to 14kg and so on. 

4 Great Movements to Start Strength Training With Kettlebells:

  1. Squat: You can incorporate a kettlebell into squats, similar to a regular bodyweight ones, by holding it with two hands up against your chest and conducting the squat movement. It's ideal for making sure your core is balanced — your chest is up, pushing your knees forward and sitting the hips down.
  2. Single Arm Press: While standing, take your kettlebell and hold it on the outside of your fist while your hand is by your shoulder. Start with your palm facing inward, then, as you press up and the kettlebell rises over your head, rotate your arm so your palm faces forward.
    *Pro Tip: Sarah shares that holding a fist out on the opposite hand helps you keep your balance, and it makes the push movement slightly easier!
  1. Deadlift: This movement is similar to the squat but this time, instead of lowering the hips down, you're going to reach your hips back. Place the kettlebell in front of you and between your legs, then slowly lower your chest down, grab the kettlebell with two hands and stand up. Repeat this as you pick up and place down the kettlebell onto the floor.
  2. Kettlebell Swing: Starting in a similar position to a deadlift, this time, think about hiking back the kettlebell like a football and swinging it through your legs and behind. The repetitive motion for this exercise is to grab the kettlebell, hike it, stand up, then put it back down.

Watch above to see how these exercises are done.

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