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Medical Director of Boston Public Health Commission No Longer Working in Hawaii

Dr. Jennifer Lo, the medical director of the Boston Public Health Commission, has returned to Massachusetts after working remotely in Hawaii for nearly a year amid the COVID-19 pandemic

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After working in Hawaii for nearly a year, the medical director for the Boston Public Health Commission is back in Massachusetts.

The NBC10 Boston Investigators first reported Dr. Jennifer Lo’s remote arrangement in February.

At the time, Lo told NBC10 she moved to Hawaii to be closer to aging parents and was prepared to step down from her role.

However, the BPHC allowed her to continue her duties from 5,000 miles and five time zones away.

Several community and public health leaders who spoke with NBC10 Boston criticized that decision, especially during the City of Boston’s COVID-19 response and vaccine rollout. Some wondered how the arrangement affected the commission’s morale as other employees worked long hours on the front lines.

A BPHC spokesperson confirmed Lo returned to Boston on Sept. 1.

"Prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic, [Dr. Lo] has continued to devote her extensive skills and her time to promoting the health of Boston residents," interim chief of staff Margaret Reid wrote via email. "During the pandemic, like many public health professionals, she has worked long hours, including many evenings and weekends to keep our residents safe."

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