2 Boston Firefighters Test Positive for Coronavirus

Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Two Boston firefighters have tested positive for coronavirus, officials said Tuesday evening.

The Boston Fire Department says one of the patients works in an administrative capacity and does not go on calls. Health officials are working to determine if there was any exposure with the second firefighter.

Seventeen firefighters are under self-quarantine, the department said.

"Protecting the health and safety of our members at the Boston Fire Department is a top priority," Interim Commissioner Jack Dempsey said in a statement. "We have reviewed our policies to make the changes necessary to ensure we are following the necessary guidance from public health officials, such as maintaining adequate supplies and actively practicing social distancing in our firehouses to minimize any potential exposure."

Fire officials noted that one officer and three firefighters are currently being staffed on each apparatus. The department is making temporary transfers to ensure proper manpower.

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