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“He’s Coming to Kill Me”: Children, 9, 12 and 15, Stabbed in Boston

Boston Police are investigating after three children - including a 9-year-old - were stabbed Saturday afternoon in the city's Hyde Park neighborhood.

Fifty-one-year-old Rock Aurelien of Boston was arrested in what police are calling a domestic incident.

The other two victims are 12 and 15. All of their injuries are believed to be non-life-threatening.

Surveillance video shows two children entering a market looking for help. At first, one boy walks in, and then moments later a second pops his head in - both bloody and asking for help.

A customer ushered them outside to wait with them while police were on their way.

"He just saying, 'Please save my life, I don't want to die, please save my life,'" said Musavi Ferdin of River Park Food Mart.

Boston Police say the two boys and a girl had all been stabbed.

Neighbors say it happened on a third floor River Street apartment. The scene is disturbing - there's a trail of blood, with blood stains on the walls and the floor of the hallway.

"It's terrifying, it's scary," said Dolores Aguilar. "One of my kids did hear somebody screaming and running around here."

Before the children — ages 15, 12, and 9 — made it all the way to the store, they approached Lizanna Guzman on her front steps.

"The older brother - he was holding onto the little boy's hand and pulling him along," she said. "And when they stopped and saw me, that's when he let go of his arm and the blood just came gushing down. Because you could tell that he had been holding his arm up, and there were just stab wounds everywhere ... The girl - when she made it to the front of the porch, you could physically see the slice wounds on her arm, her skin was peeled off.”

Guzman called 911, but when she turned around…the children had already run off down the street to the market, still desperate for help.

"While I'm on the phone with 911, they started bolting down the street because they kept saying, 'Oh, he's coming to kill me, he's coming to kill me,'" said Guzman.

Aurelien is charged with three counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon. Police confirm he was known to the children, but they have not said how.

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