Breezy, Brisk Friday Ahead of Early Weekend Showers

A cold front that delivered scattered evening showers last night is moving out to seas this morning.

Wind from the northwest is the leading edge to an invigorating air mass that delivers a fair and pleasant day with a brisk start and highs in the 60s south and 50 North Country. Wind diminishes this afternoon with locally cooling sea-breezes near the shore.

Warm air tries to return to New England tomorrow but collides with the fresh, cooler air, meaning a period of cool rain is probable. Parts of southern New England may have a quarter to a third of an inch of rain with highs near 50. Further north the sky is brighter and rain is light, with highs 55-60.

The wave of low pressure from Saturday pulls east and out. We’re hopeful drier air will flex its muscle again for Mother’s Day, shunting rain south. The same front — clash of cool and milder air — will be the focal point of our weather next week, with its position determining both temperature and precipitation chances in the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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