Counselors Available to Students After Fight Breaks Out at Boston Latin Academy

The school also plans to hold an assembly for eighth graders to discuss what happened

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Boston Latin Academy is making counselors available for students after a fight broke out involving four girls Monday morning.

The four girls were all in middle school, and one of them allegedly used a pair of scissors to attack.

The injured student was treated by the school nurse and by Boston EMS, and was then taken to the hospital as a precaution, before being released.

Breaking Up the Fight

School staff immediately responded to break up the fight and Boston police were also called in. Police are investigating "the potential use of a dangerous sharp object," according to school officials.

"Everybody's out there recording with their phones," said senior Michael Tavares. "Nobody else is stepping in. I got to the nearest group and tell them to cut it out."

Tavares, who's on the wrestling team, says he felt it was his duty to step in and start breaking it up.

"I got as close as I can," said Tavares. "As protective as I can, try to pull the people off each other and try to take control of the situation."

Superintendent Releases Statement

"Violence in our schools and anywhere in our community is completely unacceptable," Boston Superintendent Mary Skipper said in a statement. "As a district, we are working with the school leader and student support team this week to hold assemblies for the middle grades to address why mediation and seeking out trusted adults when conflicts arise are critical to de-escalating verbal and physical altercations before they happen. Ensuring that students are safe is our highest priority, and we are working continuously to create a safe, welcoming environment where our students and faculty are respected and challenged academically."

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