Damp and Dreary Conditions Continuing This Week

The majority of us will get a one day break from the clouds and showers on Monday, but it won't last very long. The short-lived relief will last just for the beginning of the week as damp, dreary, gloomy conditions will continue after Monday.

Showers move in Monday night. This round of rain looks to move through the same areas that saw rain Sunday. Most of the rain will be light, however. The steadiest rain will move out by Tuesday afternoon.

After a 12-hour stretch of dry weather another round of rain will move through during the afternoon on Wednesday.

A round of potentially heavier rain is possible late in the week. One week rainfall totals should reach 1-to-2-inches across much of New England. Many rivers may swell and run near flood stage. Additional minor flooding is possible.

Next weekend is looking drier and warmer. Showers will depart Saturday and sunshine will return Sunday. Sunday will be the pick of the weekend with temperatures in the low 60s.

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