Exotic Cat Found in Mass. Needs Surgery to Amputate Leg

The serval cat found wandering in Lincoln, now known as Bruno, needs surgery and then will be placed at the Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota.

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An exotic cat found wandering in Massachusetts needs some help.

The African serval was discovered by a homeowner in Lincoln last week and has been receiving treatment at the MSPCA. But the organization says the animal, who they have dubbed Bruno, needs surgery to amputate one of his hind legs, which is severely damaged.

It’s not known how long Bruno was wandering outside. When he arrived at the MSPCA, X-rays revealed two breaks in his back leg that are months old, likely from being hit by a car.

Spartacus, a 4-year-old, 40-pound African serval, was found Saturday morning near its home. The cat had been trapped, according to the Merrimack Police Department.

The MSPCA says servals typically live well with three legs and this surgery is the best chance at giving Bruno a pain-free future. He will also undergo screening for metabolic bone disease, which is common in servals, to see if he needs further treatment. Once he is healed, he will be placed at the Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota, which is already home to 15 other servals.

The MPSCA estimates that the medical bills for Bruno's surgery and treatment will cost around $5,000. Anyone interested in donating to his care can do so by visiting

The serval cat is native to Africa, and is illegal to keep one as a pet in Massachusetts.

In 2020, a 4-year-old pet serval that went missing from its home in Merrimack, New Hampshire, was found safe.

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