Former Patriot Matt Light Running for Foxboro School Committee: ‘Time to Serve'

“Putting a sign in a yard that has your name on it... It might be the most difficult thing I’ve done so far on the campaign trail,” Matt Light said

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Since Matt Light left the New England Patriots a decade ago, he’s devoted much of his time to his “Light Foundation” and to raising his four children -- all of whom have attended or currently attend Foxboro Public Schools.

Now, the former NFL player is looking toward his next challenge… a run for School committee. Why?

“You know, there’s been that little tap on my shoulder that says hey, it’s time for you to now serve,'” Light shared.

People in Foxboro and neighboring towns say they are concerned about the impact a plan to cut down trees for a free parking lot outside Gillette Stadium might have on them.

Professional athletes who go on to run for political office typically go for the U.S. senate or congress.

Light decided to run for such a local elected office because, he says, "If I’m going to do something, I want to make sure that it’s going to have an impact and not just be worth my time, but be worth you know the actual effort... and know that I’m being a part of something that will make a difference.”

When it comes to what he's not happy about with the school system, Light says the mask issue is a big topic.

Light feels it was wrong for children to be forced to wear masks at school when research showed the vast majority were not seriously affected by COVID-19.

“We saw other ways of doing things and when we would bring those up or we’d offer you know some other insights or you know studies that have been done… it just didn’t seem to carry any weight,” he said.

Masks are no longer being worn in Foxborough schools, but Light is thinking of what's to come.

“And you know it’s something that people tell me like, “hey you don’t have to worry about that anymore. It’s over," he said. “But what happens the next time?… And I’ve never been an anti-masker. I’ve been an anti 'tell me what to do and expect me to fall in line.'”

Light says local leaders have felt too uncomfortable to take a stand. And he said on issues like mask mandates, others in the community agree with him. But says Light, “they were too afraid to step up and say something."

"But I think that there are times where you have to push things because it’s the right thing to do and not be afraid to do that,” he added.

So is he running as a Republican or a Democrat? Is he registered as anything?

“You know, it’s a good question," he replied. "I don’t think I am. I wouldn’t know that necessarily. I’ve never felt the need to align myself with a party."

When asked to name the toughest thing for him when it comes to running for the school committee, his answer may surprise you.

“Putting a sign in a yard that has your name on it," Light revealed. "It might be the most difficult thing I’ve done so far on the campaign trail.”

The Foxborough School Committee election is May 2; Light is facing four opponents including three current members of the school committee.

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