Amid Coronavirus Surge, This Singing Hospital Worker Hits All the Right Notes

Lindon Beckford has been transporting patients around Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for 35 years, singing original tunes along the way

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It’s been said that music can be the best medicine -- and Lindon Beckford, an employee at Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston, has the perfect prescription.

Working on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, he is hitting all the right notes.

“It really brings joy to my heart to know that they are really feeling good about it too,” Beckford said.

For 35 years, he’s been transporting patients around the hospital, singing songs along the way. Some of them are his own tunes.

The last two months have been different inside the hospital. It’s been somber at times, except when Lindon is nearby.

“They really love it,” Beckford said. “Sometimes you see them tapping their fingers or shaking their toes under the sheets or sometimes sing along with me.”

He started singing to calm his own anxiety and panic attacks but now he does it to comfort others.

“I think it’s more than any other medication,” Beckford said.

When we spoke with him, he had a song ready to go. He says music is a gift he will keep on giving as long as he’s working.

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