Interactive Map Can Predict Where Flooding Will Happen

The National Weather Service in Taunton, Massachusetts, has developed an interactive storm surge inundation map to predict flooding in particular areas.

"Kind of gives an idea down to the neighborhood which areas will be covered, not necessarily how much water, but areas that will be inundated," meteorologist Joe Dellicarpini said.

Dellicarpini says that Boston should be protected from the force of the waves, but coastal communities will take the brunt the storm.

"Places like Scituate, Hull, that are exposed to the ocean, Plum Island, that's a very significant problem," he said. "Severe beach erosion, structural damage, certainly possible when we are talking about major coastal flooding."

Dellicarpini adds that the forecast for Boston is a 15-foot storm tide, similar to the tide on Jan. 4.

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