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Judge Blocks Firing of Embattled Boston Police Commissioner as He Appeals

Commissioner Dennis White filed a motion last week seeking to block the city from firing him after, he said, Mayor Kim Janey informed him that she intended to remove him

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A judge on Wednesday blocked the firing of Boston Police Commissioner Dennis White, who's been on leave over accusations of domestic violence and whom Mayor Kim Janey has said she intends to move on from.

The Superior Court judge, Heidi Brieger, signed off on a request from White's attorney to block Boston from terminating White's employment until his appeal is heard. On Tuesday, she'd allowed White's dismissal to move forward -- that's the order White is appealing.

"If [the firing] occurs without a trial-like, name-clearing hearing to which he is entitled, his reputation will be permanently ruined making it impossible for him to pursue employment in his profession," the attorney, Nicholas Carter, wrote.

Brieger wrote on the request, "Upon review, this motion is allowed." She signed and dated the request Wednesday.

A judge has denied Boston Police Commissioner Dennis White's request for an injunction that would block Mayor Kim Janey from firing him.

White was placed on leave in February, just days into the role, after The Boston Globe raised questions about allegations found in court documents that White pushed and threatened to shoot his then-wife, a fellow police officer. White has denied the allegations.

White filed a motion last week seeking to block the city from firing him after, he said, Janey informed him that she intended to remove him.

Janey reacted to Brieger's initial ruling on Tuesday with approval.

"I applaud Judge Brieger’s ruling to deny this motion and will inform Dennis White of his rescheduled Zoom hearing. It is time to move our City and the Boston Police Department forward," she said in a statement.

But Janey said Wednesday she was postponing White's hearing out of respect for the judge's review of her ruling.

"I stand ready to move forward on behalf of the residents of Boston and the Boston Police Department, as soon as the court allows. I am grateful for the continued professionalism and service of our BPD officers during this time," the mayor said.

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